What makes a great leader?

What makes a great leader?


“Something that makes someone a great leader is integrity, It´s very important that for example, your boss appreciates your effort at work so, when the team members are closer to the leader, there will be a more pleasant atmosphere. My mum works in Headhunting, she has a job where she helps people all around the world to find a job and something that is very important for her as a leader, is to be persuasive.

She must make someone notice that he or she will have a fantastic job with her Headhunting and she always uses that tactic whenever she wants someone to work with her or in jobs she knows so she motivates them. Even though people reject the job, she always goes ahead and is compassionate and positive. She is capable of anything that is proposed. Someone as a leader should have a fixed goal, what I mean is that, with all those tactics or ways of being a great leader, they should always have a goal in their job.

Always kind, patient with others and if you want your members to work on what you’ve planned, better have it prepared and be always objective with good feedback and comments about others so that you can be a good leader.” .

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