The CV is not dead

The CV is not dead

Some consultants say  CV is dead and is not true.

So what are the candidates going to send now? A link?

And if the platform where you have all your information and profile disappears and you don’t have a CV?

What happens?

Therefore I disagree and I think you should have a well-made and structured CV. Even many, like 1 for each professional objective.

The CV is a script that well focused and with the key words, is your road map and opens many doors!

Many believe that those of us who do talent hunting have knowledge in all profiles and sectors.

What we want is to understand “at one glance” in what you are Expert and your Unique Differential Value!

You must answer the question:  Why hire you and not another candidate!

If I have to take the dictionary or vademecum from your sector to understand it, you make it very difficult!

I am an expert in sales and in looking for good profiles but I am not supposed to guess! Tell me, tell me, tell me!

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