Mothers looking for a job

Mothers looking for a job

Some days ago Raquel had the generosity to share a video with me that I would like to use today on Women’s Day.

They named this video (thanks to the Hirukide association) in a post and aroused emotions that hadn’t been awakened for a time.

So I came back to the question What do I say or include?

Mothers or Fathers 100% reflected with the video, professionals who want to have a professional career again, will have thought “what do I put in my CV  regarding those years outside the job market?

I tell my candidates in my #jobhunting program:

That they are not alone nor are they the only surfers in the market who have lived something similar and who has not lived it, can even empathize.

That paper supports everything but you have to have worked an argument to describe the situation and be consistent.

Recommend  they use the format introduction, development and conclusion that never fails.

Think about what you have given as if they had done a master and even divide it by specific subjects.

To be natural and explain what they have lived from the Heart and provoke the curiosity of the interviewer using Storytelling.

Did you know that In the current era of liquid professions we are all surfers?

Let’s surf this uncertain market by making a difference!

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