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I am Spanish, born in Madrid, spent my early childhood in the United States, summers with my family in Tenerife, and I have Italian roots.

Fate has led me to live in Nebraska, New York, Boston Massachusetts, Barcelona, Alicante, Madrid, Tenerife, and finally in Barcelona, where I have been residing for some time now.

If I were to define myself, I would say that I consider myself a global citizen, which allows me to navigate easily in multicultural environments and in various types of companies. I like to compare this ability to that of a surfer navigating between waves, adapting to different environments and situations.

I consider myself fortunate for the life I have had and the people I have met along the way. I am someone who keeps in touch and enjoys being very social, acting as a great connector of people.

I have a degree in Advertising and Public Relations from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and a Master’s in Business Administration from ESADE with a specialization in Marketing.

My professional experience has been in the world of publishing, banking, foundations, in luxury retail multinational companies such as Montblanc and Swarovski, and in E-commerce like Vente Priveè, where I experienced the commercial world, sales, and stress during economic downturns.

I have worked in marketing and sales departments, in multicultural environments, full of objectives and strategies, in an ever-changing, uncertain, and unpredictable world.

I decided to change sectors and redirect my career. I had the opportunity to work as a Consultant in headhunting companies, discovering what truly fascinated me: the world of People, Human Resources from a business perspective, and Job Coaching.

Today, I am a freelance headhunter for multinational companies and international selection consulting firms for C-Suite level profiles.

I am also a trainer and mentor for students of master’s and postgraduate programs at EAE, ESIC, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), and ESADE, and a professor at OBS Business School, in various workshops on personal branding, professional orientation, and career.

Being part of a company’s value chain has been my school, and my profession allows me to add value to people. I adapt to the challenges that arise, bringing the best talent to companies and helping candidates find their dream jobs. Like a surfer searching for the perfect wave, I am committed to connecting people with professional opportunities.

Throughout the years of my experience I have had the pleasure to meet great professionals who are top speakers, trainers, business school teachers, free lance with whom I have learned, grown and been trained.

I’d like to offer this space to my network & Co, where every partner can include his services and be part of my project.

Thanks big wave surfers.


My Life has taken me by many currents, to sail seas and oceans, directing my course and the talent of several companies, helping them to surf all kinds of waves and to sail through different seas.

Job Hunting

Job hunting

Are you looking for your dream job? Do you want to move ahead in your professional career and you don’t know how to do it? We are all surfers in the era of liquid professional careers and markets. I can help you find the board that make you reach the desired job. Tell me about yourself and I’ll give you a free first review of your CV with feed back comparing if it’s what recruiters and companies are searching for or how you can improve it.

Many professionals don’t have the right board or the adequate sea to flow and promote in. I help people find the right board to surf the waves, through specialized training in Personal Branding, CV creation, defining the job search strategy and defining a communication strategy through social networks 3.0 such as Linked in. The Wave Surfers Job Coaching service provides the tools to search for a job more effectively, designing and implementing different strategies so that candidates achieve the professional success they desire. An individual and personalized program of 4/5 weeks to find the desired job. The most complete Job Coaching y Mentoring, in which we work together designing and defining your professional strategy to start surfing with the feeling that you are making the right decisions. Surfing with the right instructor brings adrenaline, encourages enthusiasm and motivates you to approach a new project and be hired for the job desired.


Giovanna is an excellent HeadHunter and coach, with an outstanding ability to stimulate and empower any professional in creating a unique personal brand. I would highlight her excellent communication skills, and her energy and vitality, which she manages to instill throughout the process. Results-oriented, she has provided me with the necessary tools to stimulate and reorient my professional career, maximizing my strengths. Without a doubt, it has been an incredible experience to meet and work with her.

Giovanna was pivotal for me to focus my search and my relaunch personal brand. She is very sharp and well connected. She understands the new e-conomy and how to present the best of you in a very compelling way. Knows how to go over those difficult moments in your career and turn them into learnings and opportunities. In summary, if you need advice and get different results while looking for a new project in your professional career, you'll find her as an exceptional partner. Thanks for everything.

Recently, I started a new position as Commercial and Marketing Director at Multiópticas. During the process, I put into practice much of the work I did with Giovanna, such as my LinkedIn profile, Elevator Pitch, Achievements, Skills, etc. All of this helped me to successfully achieve my proposed goal.

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Talent Hunting

The ocean is full of talent, we are divers, surfers and fishermen of professionals, specialists in Executive Search – Headhunting, selection and recruiting of middle managers, managers, and directors. We use a proprietary and effective Recruitment 4.0 method. We move through the world of talent like waves, quickly, effectively and in the fastest time frame in the market. We develop all stages of the process or those that you need: defining the talent profile, selecting and recruiting, hiring and following- up. We have an exclusive offline and digital network of different profiles (local, national or international) and great experience in premium demanding accounts, finding your talents quickly and at a lower cost.

Do you want me to help you find the talent that surfs the waves and leads your company?

Talent hunting

In the current market we are all surfers. We move through the world of talent like waves, quickly, effectively and in the fastest time frame possible in the market.


A great professional!
I have had a relationship with Giovanna as a result of participating as a candidate in a selection process. What I value most is the accompaniment she did during the whole process, giving me feedback and also requesting it in each of the phases, showing her commitment and responsibility with all the parties involved.
I also highlight the constructive and value-added recommendations she made regarding my candidacy, from the CV to guiding me through the interviews. I wish her all the best!

Giovanna is an excellent Headhunter who knew how to awaken my interest and concern at a time when I was not looking for change at all. She listened to me and understood my needs perfectly, accompanying me at all times in the process and giving me the opportunity to explore a new adventure, which I am enjoying very much. I was very lucky to meet Giovanna.

Talent development

Talent development

For your next annual convention or sales meeting do you want trainers or speakers, with great experience in pushing, talenting, changing in helping professionals and companies to find their wave to success?

Organizations should have a key a role in society. They should contribute to building a better world by supporting learning and personal growth of their workers. We help organizations lead this commitment with their talents and with the world.

If you don’t develop talent you can wind up in a flat sea, without action, in a calm sea that does not help the company move towards its objectives and that encourages talent to surf in other seas.

Talent management is changing, driven by new waves. It must be flexible, adapting to the constant changes of the market / sea. This requires knowledge and skills to continue to grow and push the company towards its sea of objectives.

We are instructors, we help companies design and implement a Development Program according to their strategy and help them achieve their short, medium and long term objectives. We have created different types of actions (training, workshops, outdoor activities, disruption experiences, fast waves speakers)… Unique experiences for professionals to acquire the skills they need, to motivate them to achieve their goals, to be ambassadors of their brand and the true drivers of innovation and continuous success.

We have a group of trainers and speakers, with great experience in developing talent, in provoking changes and helping professionals and companies find their way to success.

Conscious leadership

Conscious leadership

We can help managers create environments where talent flows and to be become aware of the emotional state of their teams.

Leaders and managers of companies must become compasses and conscious guide, they must be the wind rose for their teams. Promoting their development, helping them challenge the storms, guiding them to become high performance teams capable of navigating any sea.

Conscious Leadership involves creating happy work, environments, encouraging learning, incorporating new skills necessary for exceptional performance. Generating an environment of collaboration among professionals, assertiveness and knowing how to recognize mistakes and to learn from them.

We train and develop conscious leaders leaders to help achieve the strategic objectives of your company. We offer coaching and mentoring services and personalized training (Seminars or Microcapsules) for work in- depth work on the self-knowledge and self-leadership of their managers, to transform them into conscious leaders.

We help create happy work environments, knowing and assessing the emotional health status of professionals and managers, to promote a favourable environment that fosters to retaining and maximizing talent. We help managers create environments where talent flows and to be aware of the emotional state of their teams.

If the compass is not calibrated you cannot direct the organization to its destination or help it evolve.

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Throughout my journey, I have sailed through various currents, exploring new horizons, and connecting with people from different backgrounds and experiences. My goal has been to guide both individuals and businesses in their voyage, helping them navigate uncharted waters and build meaningful relationships at every step of the way.

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