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If you find Yourself in any of these situations

You need a change because of the following:

It seems clear that you need a new project and employment, however.

You don’t know how the current employment market is and you don’t know what you should do to find a new job:

And all this affects you because:

What would you think if I told you that your perfect job exists? … Great! Right? And that it can be yours in 75 days if you follow my instructions. Would you like to start?

For you to start:

Now, let me tell you how: We would be working together, in 5 sessions, in which:

I will show you how to use social networks so that these companies approach you, but we are not going to launch you into the market just like that , since we will design a business plan:

All with the goal for you to get a right job in 75 days!
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About me

After years of business development for companies, I believe that helping people in one of the key moments of their lives is very rewarding and I love it.

My experience of 20 years in multinational companies, business development and direct sales within companies and knowledge of management from each of the functional areas of a company, allows me to have a 360º vision and understanding.

It motivates me to make a business plan, as if it were a product launch; but in this case , the product would be you. And I lay at your disposal:

There is no doubt that there are many professionals and coaches for job guidance advice … and some are very good. But what makes me stand apart is my experience and knowledge of the business world, management, and my network of contacts that will get involved, along with the algorithm that works 24/7 for you.


Giovanna is an excellent HeadHunter and coach, with an outstanding ability to stimulate and empower any professional in creating a unique personal brand. I would highlight her excellent communication skills, and her energy and vitality, which she manages to instill throughout the process. Results-oriented, she has provided me with the necessary tools to stimulate and reorient my professional career, maximizing my strengths. Without a doubt, it has been an incredible experience to meet and work with her.

Giovanna was pivotal for me to focus my search and my relaunch personal brand. She is very sharp and well connected. She understands the new e-conomy and how to present the best of you in a very compelling way. Knows how to go over those difficult moments in your career and turn them into learnings and opportunities. In summary, if you need advice and get different results while looking for a new project in your professional career, you'll find her as an exceptional partner. Thanks for everything.

Recently, I started a new position as Commercial and Marketing Director at Multiópticas. During the process, I put into practice much of the work I did with Giovanna, such as my LinkedIn profile, Elevator Pitch, Achievements, Skills, etc. All of this helped me to successfully achieve my proposed goal.

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