Head hunter Call Chapter 1

Head hunter Call Chapter 1

9h: Hi, they gave me your # because they told me that you are a good headhunter. 

Thank you for your interest and who recommended you to call me? 

I can’t say the name, you know I confidentiality issues…

No problem and what is your name? I’m Jordi (Silence) 

Well I’m delighted Jordi, but can you give me your full name? 

So I can find you on LinkedIn and since I may have several contacts called Jordi.

Oh well don’t look, because I’m not in that or any network. 

I understand, so can you send me your CV and take a look at it with you? 

No, I don’t have CV either. 

Well, Jordi would need to have more information but tell me how can I help you? 

Well someone told me you are looking for jobs for people and I would like you to tell me how the market is for people with my profile and experience. (Now silence comes from my side)

Jordi thank you for the trust, only that I would need more details about your profile for giving you and orientation. 

Well, I haven’t needed to work so far with 32 years, and now I want to invest in a project so I want  to find a job to do my project in parallel. Interesting … and what is the project about? 

Well it’s confidential. 

Jordi, how about if you try to make a CV and you visit me? 

No thanks, I will continue calling other headhunters Contacts I have to see if I’m lucky and get more answers.

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