When you DON’T Like your JOB

When you DON’T Like your JOB

Iván Fernández Amil shared a post that said: If you don’t like your work, try to change what you don’t like, look for ways to improve it, ask for help or start looking for another job… But don’t stop complaining. Do something Fight. For your job, or for finding a better one.
And my answer is what I wanted to share:

Thank you Ivan for sharing! I have created a # jobhunting program to help people in this exact situation

I had the opportunity to meet some years ago with @LoftiEll-Ghandouri and the presentation of his book “The internal dismissal” that deals with the unhappiness of some people in their current job, where they have 2 ways out:

  • Facing reality.
  • Find themselves trapped with without motivation, disappointment, resignation with the “this is it” saying.

In this scenario I help my #candidates and take action and be breve since we are all #surfers in this uncertain market of liquid professions and I accompany them in the process, where they have to:

  • Listen to their “internal voice” and not save it to themselves.
  • Start with a self analysis to and redefine their #professionalobjective create a #strategy to achieve it and action plan to execute it.
  • Job Hunting and employment is a #job.
  • To abandon the “internal dismissal” is in your hands and you are solely responsible.
  • Desde el trabajo se encuentra mucho mejor el trabajo ideal, aprovechando las hashtag #redessociales donde hay oportunidades si las buscas
  • El trabajo no te viene a buscar- el hashtag #algoritmo de hashtag #Linkedin si
  • Salir del “despido interior” está en tu mano eres el único responsable.

If you start surfing you will find the wave that will take you to the desired job.

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