The good leader

The good leader

The #leader in times of difficulty goes ahead and in good times stays  behind

On October 18th , I attended at  #Faculty of #Psychology of the #University of Barcelona  the @mastergroups sessions where I had the oppprtunity to listen to  Jaime Tomás Campá, CEO  of IDD INNOVATION AND DIRECTIVE DEVELOPMENT. He as usual  surprised us with  his performance and theme : Leaders on the verge of a digital nervous break down.

Jaime, besides being a  great professional in the financial sector, trainer and speaker,  enlightened us with his brilliance. Bravo Jaime!!

I’d like to summarize very illustrative conclusions:

  • We are not in a time of change but in a change of times.
  • The traditional management methods are no longer the same in the new digital era.
  • We must train in the new digital age.
  • Transforming and reinvent ing ourselves in each and every way we do things.

If we don’t  make changes,  we will not do anything differently or transform ourselves adapting to the new digital era.

And he finished with a high impact word:

Overcoming that has 3 vowels, 10 different letters and a brutal meaning !!

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