Is getting hired at +40 +50 Turning into a problem?

Is getting hired at +40 +50 Turning into a problem?

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The Reasons for this turning into Problem in our society is that Companies are getting used to asking for -30 yr old profiles.

  • They want to lower their costs of employment
  • They have done wrong internal recruitment done by Jr HR’s

he cost of employing millennials has been sky high: money wise and in precious time.

The government doesn’t do anything to provide real help to companies that do contract +40 professionals.

These professionals +40 +50 have the right to work in their areas of expertise, but are under pressure having to respond to higher responsibilities than has a -30yr old in many cases.

In this situation they will take sometimes any job to get back to the market as fast as possible, so the circle finds it’s end.

They get paid less for their value and companies in need of professionals know that and take a big advantage of their situation.

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