Looking for a job using social media

Looking for a job using social media

Today I remembered on Sundays I used to read the classified section of the newspaper to search for employment and see offers.

  • They are not on paper anymore but they still exist and are onlin
  • There are many employment websites
  • Many ar hace specialization in determine jobs that allow searches across the country and the world.

Websites like Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, infojobs, Craigslist and Linked in are some of the best known work forums.

🏄‍♂️🏄‍♀️As I recommend my candidates in my #jobhunting program:

  • You have to do a market research exploring several websites to see all offers and see what the market is asking for your professional purpose
  • You have to adapt your online and offline profile and focus on what the market is asking for and help them find you.
  • The process is full of ups and downs, small victories and defeats so you have to be prepared because it is not easy. As difficult as the process is, the lessons you learn will be useful..
  • If you create a good profile mr Algorithm will make his magic and the search process will be a little easier because you will have more visibility in the first place.

And I please skip profiles with summer photos in professional portals where the image is worth more than 1000 keywords #keywords #professional orientation #jobhunting #careersearch #depratandco

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