glassdoor: Threat or Opportunity

glassdoor: Threat or Opportunity

Is Glassdoor a Threat to Companies and their Employer Branding?

Who manages the Employer Branding: Employees or Companies?

The presence of Glassdoor in Spain is a reality. With 40M of opinions from employees around the world about 770 thousand companies and 3500 Spanish, I read that in general people post and comment they see it as a threat to companies.

I work with candidates seeking employment with my #jobhunting program. We analyze the market, the offers, we build an action plan and when contacting the target companies, questions like these arise:

  • How is the company’s culture or The environment?
  • What’s the Employees opinion about their CEO ?

According to the Annual Report InfoJobs-ESADE on the Labor Market, 81% of Spaniards like to be informed about the company and 70% reject a job if the reputation is negative.

Companies are going to have to boost their employer Branding thanks to glasdoor and with a correct Brand Image as an Employer they can reduce:

  • The cost of hiring staff
  • Staff turnover
  •  Make a bad recruitment

You may start betting gentlemen and the context is competitive, but it is not a threat more likely a great source of information and an opportunity. We are all surfers in this liquid market so let’s surf it 🏄‍♀️ 🏄 making a difference. #depratandco #marcapersonal #careeradvice #employment

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