Message for +50 Seniors

Message for +50 Seniors

Today I wanted to send a message to the seniors: I love the number 50, I will turn 50 and 50 years ago the man landed on the moon. In my #jobhunting program, I work daily with #senior people looking for #employment and a #professional #opportunity.

Today I received a call from a +50 senior,  that I have been  accompanyingin what he called “crossing the desert” , to tell me he has gotten a new #job and an amazing project. He thanks me and I only have words of gratitud towards him for everything I’ve learned and enjoyed working together during  2.5 months. For the record it’s been in no time taht he’s reached his objective..

50 years ago in 1968 the psychiatrist Robert Butler coined the term #ageism:

  • As the harmful attitude towards the elderly
  • The aging and aging process itself
  • And discrimination against the elderly with even practices and policies that reinforce stereotypes

The market needs people with our #seniority so above all we will mark the Difference in this market of liquid professions! We are all surfers, I just help them surf because the rest they have in their #personalbranding.

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