When a candidate is discarded

When a candidate is discarded

Me: The candidates should be discarded.

Client: Why? if the selected candidate has not started working yet and we only saw them 5 weeks ago.

Me: Candidates have been involved without hesitation, with your company and project and deserve a response with feed back.

Client: feed back? And what are you going to tell him?

Me: The truth.

Client: Hey but if the automatic ATS System sends the discard letter.

Me: A finalist candidate or not, thanks a call with personalized feed back.

Client: And what does it matter, if I’m not going to hire him.

Me: In a selection process I can find you the best candidate, but I have to defend your company image and mine, with all the candidates, whether they are finalists or not.

Client: and that means more cost?

Me: If we don’t do it , it will mean a very high cost for your brand, your company and the acquisition of future talent.

⛔️There are still companies, due to lack of knowledge, focus on selecting and nothing else.

❗️Businessmen, business managers and managers in a sea of sharks, you can go hand in hand with candidates and recruiters and you have to follow a guideline in the selection process:

  • Contact to attract candidates.
  • Profile filtering and interviews.
  • Selection of finalist candidate.
  • Discard and feed back if candidate allows you to .
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