What not to do when contacting with head hunters

What not to do when contacting with head hunters

Do you know how to find and connect with recruiters if you are looking for a job?

It’s good to Know how!

Headhunters or  recruitment  consultants are recruiters who work for third parties and are  important players in the Job market.

Recruiters are trying to fill positions that are not always published. That’s why you need to be in the radar!

What not to do when connecting with recruiters if you are looking for a job:

  • Send your CV without notice of an introduction and a good elevator pitch, that you have worked on and structured.
  • Believe that your CV will be read just because
  • Believe that you are a Profile that is needed without giving you an attractive reason to keep on treading or willing to get to know you.
  • Believe that he consultant will give you 1 hour of time and patiently listen to your story.
  • Send a whatsapp to the consultants mobile on a holiday and if you don’t receive a response call immediately after.
  • Call (the consultant does not know your phone and does not know you) Answers and you and do not ask if they can answer at that moment or of its a good time to do so.

Do you want to learn what should be done?

Work your Personal Brand so that recruiters can find you

Use LinkedIn to partner with recruiters that have job offers to cover

Work the most frequently asked questions that recruiters ask candidates! It is all invented!!

Choose a consultant to accompany you in the process and work your career advice. It will make you design a road map and make the process  more bearable with better results … and much more!

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