The Interview

The Interview

This week in my #jobhunting program we have worked with a candidate for the interview.
María has a degree in Business Studies, has been in the financial sector for 20 years and never had interviews. It has been a great challenge for her and she has successfully completed all the phases.
The progression has gone as we have prepared the 3 possible interviews:

The first has been with a Recruiter of an HR Consultancy, where the important thing is to “pass the filter” focusing on answering the questions with what they ask for the position.

The second has been with the Middle Manager, which should report and here has focused on “facilitating the interview” ahead of the questions that could make him about achievements, including them in the description of the functions. In short, providing value by showing how different she is from any other candidate.

The third and last has been with the CEO and as expected, he has not dedicated himself to look at his CV, he has focused on the global vision he had of the sector, but above all he asked him questions to see how it would fit into the culture of the company . The questions that Maria has asked the CEO and that we have prepared have also been very important.

María is happy that after 3 days she has the offer and soon she starts working in a Target company for her where she can develop her professional objective that has been the basis of the whole Job Hunting program
Bravo María good job I’m very happy for you.

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