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Job Hunting

Job hunting

Are you looking for your ideal job? Do you want to progress in your professional career but don’t know how? We are all surfers in today’s fluid job market. I can assist you in finding the right board to ride in your search and land your desired job. Tell me about yourself, and I’ll provide you with a free initial assessment of your CV. Let’s see if it meets the expectations of companies and recruiters or if there’s room for improvement.

Many professionals don’t know which board to surf on or in which sea. I help individuals find the right board to ride the waves through specialized training in Personal Branding, CV creation, defining a job search strategy, and crafting a communication plan using platforms like LinkedIn.

The Wave Surfers Job Hunting service provides the tools for a more effective job search, designing and implementing various strategies to help candidates achieve the professional success they desire.

A personalized and individual 5-week program to find the desired job. The most comprehensive Job Hunting and Mentoring program, where we work together on designing and implementing your professional strategy, ensuring you feel confident in making the right decisions.

Surfing with the right instructor brings adrenaline, excitement, and motivation to embark on a new project and desired job.