Find and get the job that best suits:

  • Your profile
  • Your needs
  • And those of the company that will hire you … less than 75 days.

If you find Yourself in any of these situations

  • Your company has been through a restructure process and you have lost your job.
  • You have +10 years of experience but have never done a resume or previously searched for a job.
You need a change because of the following:
  • You don’t feel recognized.
  • Are you tired of the same functions you perform and responsibilities.
  • You have stopped being part of the strategic decisions of the company.
  • You see that your professional project has somehow reached the maximum in that company and has no more travel, so you need a change.

It seems clear that you need a new project and employment, however

You don't know how the current employment market is and you don't know what you should do to find a new job:

  • You have launched and feel you are active sending resumes to many jobs that you consider related, but you are not getting interviews.
  • You have had an interview, some head hunters have called you, but you received no answer, or feedback, or the job.
And all this affects you because:
  • Your fear is not finding a job.
  • You think your profile does not fit with the current market.
  • You are +45 and think it will be difficult to be given a new opportunity.
  • You do not have a digital profile and know that today many positions are searched by network in employment platforms due to digital transformation.
  • You are beginning to think that your profile is no longer attractive and you believe that adding more training to your professional career could be the solution, but you also have doubts about it.

What would you think if I told you that your perfect job exists? … Great! Right? And that it can be yours in 75 days if you follow my instructions. Would you like to start?

For you to start:

  • To feel recognized for your experiences, your abilities and salary wise.
  • Recover your enthusiasm and self-esteem.
  • Keep moving forward in your professional and personal growth.

Now, let me tell you how: We would be working together, in 5 sessions, in which:

  • We will design your profile aligned with what the labor market asks for professionals like you.
  • We will use online and offline tools that incorporate the keywords to attract the right companies.

I will show you how to use social networks so that these companies approach you, but we are not going to launch you into the market just like that , since we will design a business plan:

  • Starting with a DAFO self-analysis.
  • Definition of your professional goals.
  • Conducting an employment market study.
  • Assessment of the communication tools appropriate to your profile.
  • We will work platforms such as Linkedin, Infojobs and other metasearch engines in social networks.
  • We will create a long list of companies putting at your disposal my real contacts in human resources (3000 in BCN and MAD + 11K) in all sectors, especially in luxury, consumer goods , food, services … and if the necessary contact is not among my current ones. I can arrange the connection for you.
  • To get qualified interviews.
  • Preparation for those Q&A interviews.
  • Post-interview support… we will analyze the feed back and how your performed.

All with the goal for you to get a right job in 75 days!

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About me

After years of business development for companies, I believe that helping people in one of the key moments of their lives is very rewarding and I love it.

My experience of 20 years in multinational companies, business development and direct sales within companies and knowledge of management from each of the functional areas of a company, allows me to have a 360º vision and understanding.

It motivates me to make a business plan, as if it were a product launch; but in this case , the product would be you. And I lay at your disposal:

  • Interlocution and direct path with many of the main actors in these sectors due to my contacts and wide experience.
  • Understanding the perspective of the strategic business objective that allows me to adapt the candidate’s proposal (interview, presentation …) and align the candidate’s profile to the objective and need or needs of the company and timing.
  • Knowledge of the position you will occupy as a candidate in the companies’ value chain to give you visibility.
  • I am expert in finding the candidate’s USP (differential value).

There is no doubt that there are many professionals and coaches for job guidance advice ... and some are very good. But what makes me stand apart is my experience and knowledge of the business world, management, and my network of contacts that will get involved, along with the algorithm that works 24/7 for you.


Leave your details to arrange a first free exploratory conversation

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Let's start

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