The Call

Candidate: They haven't called me yet.

Me: and since when were you interviewed?

C: three weeks and I met with HR and the CEO.

Me: but who was your first contact?

C: a Head Hunter who called me from a consulting firm and put me in touch with the company. I interviewed them first and then the company interviewed HR and the CEO.

Me: what does the HeadHunter say?

C: He doesn’t answer the phone.

Me: there are 2 scenarios:

👉🏼 That you are discarded from the process and nobody is responsible for communicating it to you.

👉🏼 The process has been extended and no decisions have been made yet.

C: and what do you recommend me to do?

Yo: show your professionalism:

✅Send an email to the headhunter and tell him that you would like to hear from him and know how the process is progressing.

✅Send another mail to the CEO, as a thank for your time note and tell him that you would like to hear from him and the process.

You can add your experiences and how from your former companies know well their situation etc..

To be continued!

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