Plan de Acción Contactos

We work contacts in the action plan in my Job Hunting program , and we create the message in order to connect. Candidates come up with many questions daily. But why go around the bush so many times before sending a message? If what we are going to do, is create the beginning of a professional relationship? Connecting is about establishing an equal relationship between two professionals and is not about asking for a favor.

Questions that arrise frecuently:

Q: Should i use the same message for everyone?

A: No! It must be personalized for each contact in 300 characters if you do not have inmails.

Q: And what will they think of me if I contact with a personalized message?

A: Well, it depends on the message, on whether you add value to the person or not.

If you share information of interest and not just your resume, something forbidden in any message.

Q: What if the contact doesn't respond?

A: Well, nothing happens so many times we send emails for business development and they do not answer us. But at least he will have seen you. And if you also share content on the network where that contact may be seeing you, it will be even better. You have to be strategic in the action plan.

Q: Why would they be interested in someone like me?

A: If you are in a subsector, industry, or the same business area with you experience in some of the companies of the contacts competition, I am sure you will be read. Not to mention, you have to have a super attractive message beginning with the in the first two sentences, that is read first.

You can create excuses for not connecting with people in your industry, former workers or partners. But you just have to send the first message and receive the first response:

“I think what you say is Interesting”. We have to gain confidence and we can go one step further

With messages like:

“Hello Xxx I have seen your post, read your article, or I have seen that we where worked at xx company / And now you are in X and id like also change to X industry where my experience has been Z. How are you managing this moment A, B, C?

Another approach:

I have seen you went to X School hopefully you keep as good memories as I do. I’Ve seen you have studied at Y. And that is precisely one of the schools I am considering for my career. I would love to hear about your experience, do you think we can talk one day?

Hello X, I see that you are currently an expert in sector Z and that you work in X. I would be very interested in you to advise me on how I can redirect my career towards a position in your sector. We all know we are in times of change and I’d like to know your mindset if you could talk for a few minutes? Thank you.

Quarantine may be a time for:

  • Building relationships to find common ground and if you do not have a response, there will always be other profiles to contact.
  • Leaving the comfort zone by proposing to chat for 5 minutes brings you closer to your professional objective goals, rather than sending 30 # CVs.
  • Find on websites , trainings, courses for your skills improvement.
  • Dedicate only 5% of your day to job portals.
  • Fill in the excel to track all the work you do and if you want something more pro you have free CRM’s online . Many are easy to use and will allow you to manage your entire customer base and establish the so-called in sales, conversion funnel, differentiated in various stages, contacts and leads.