Losing a candidate

ME: I have bad news. The candidate has accepted another offer.

COMPANY: Well, what a surprise, he seemed that he wanted to work with us.

ME: true

COMPANY: But what happened? He was the ideal profile for our company, culture and team.

ME: true

COMPANY: It seemed that he had interest in the project with affinity to the brand and the sector.

ME: true

COMPANY: Well, we were thinking about the offer already and we just need a signature.

What has happened is that the competition has gone ahead while you were deciding.

  • They have accelerated interviews to move forward.
  • Employer Branding has worked with the candidate taking him to the annual convention, to meet potential colleagues.
  • Having presented 4 candidates you asked me some more for “just in case” … and the competition got ahead of us.
  • The Competition didn’t wait to have the references requested in your company, to make the offer. They had decided the salary above the expectations of the candidate and ensure closing the deal.

When you are looking for talent, the process can be slowed down but the competition can be faster and may have the same needs as you. You are in the market and everyone wants the best talent.