Job Hunting & Focus

Every day I work with candidates in my Job Hunting program to get oriented to a new professional opportunity or to look for a job.

It is necessary to focus  your personal brand towards your Professional Objective in order to get interviews for projects that fit with your profile and also be successful in them.

in order to focus, you have to know in what you make a difference and answer the question “why you and not someone else?”

♦In 99% of cases, people do not do the self-analysis. They take the CV out of the Historical files .

♦Not being Focused towards their new professional objective it does not go reach the target or is  understood as suitable for the Position.

♦The Contact List is burned with meetings ” for a coffee”.

With my candidates enrolled  in the Job Hunting Program:

♣I make them do a self-analysis in depth.

♣Then they go to the long list in 3 types of contacts and I help them to contact or make contact myself.

♣If they get interviews they are so focused on their professional objective that they no longer  do informal meetings over a coffee.

♣They are doing a market research and they know that they must get something’s worth for their market research in any meeting (info of positions, companies that are hiring and what profiles, take the grip of the market).

♣We have rehearsed the questions that they will possible be asked  in the interview and more  more important are the ones they should do.

Maybe it is a  slower process  but it is much more effective for the construction of a professional career move  to and in order search & find those projects that fit your profile.




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