I am unemployed! What do I have to do when a head hunter calls me?

Yesterday I called a candidate that is not employed for a job position.

I gave an introduction and the details of the position. After I  finished, the first thing he asked me was the schedule and the Street where the company was located to see the distance from his home.

I don't know if the rest of head hunters share this opinion,  but when you're unemployed there are a number of things we recommend not to do:

Headhunters, recruiters and  consultants are recruiters who work for third parties and are an important player in the Employment market.

Recruiters are trying to fill positions that are not always published. That's why you need to be on his radar!

 What not to do when connecting with recruiters if you are looking for a job and they contact you or you receive his call:

Do not listen to what is being offered to you.  From my point of view, you have to be grateful in life and everything comes in return, the good and bad.

Believe that we have to understand everything on your CV and that it has been read in depth.

Believe that you are going to be scammed with not disclosed information.

Do not thank the consultant for his time and having thought about you for the position.

Do not ask the name of the consultancy or ask for contact to follow up.

Receive a call where they explain an opportunity and ask first about the schedule, where the company is located, vacation and not ask about the project they are offering you when you are unemployed at the moment.

I recommend:

Work your Personal Brand so recruiters can find you and use LinkedIn to give visibility to your professional brand. Share share and be generous.

Work the most frequently asked questions that recruiters ask candidates and how to answer!

Choose a consultant to accompany you in #jobhunting and your career guidance process. It will make the road more bearable and with better results! I do it every day.


Let's surf this uncertain market by making a difference