Do you think your job will last forever?

 I partner  with companies that need employees and with candidates who are looking for a job and  three to five years is the average people remain in they jobs.

It is also the trend forecasted by specialists in the area of ​​people and  organizations in the current market.

We are surfers in the era of liquid professions and we must surf the market looking for new job opportunities.

This is and will be a constant in our professional life.

It doesn’t  matter what generation you are from because only the "baby boomers" were those of life-long jobs. The  X generation is the one that never existed despite being more expert and the Y generation,  the so called  "millennials”,  no longer have the need of attachment to the organization where they work and have set this trend in their marketplace.

They are the digital natives of this new economy who have understood their opportunities and challenges.

What do you think? What is your action plan?